Duran Family

  • Eddie Duran

    Eddie Duran

    First, Eddie Duran learned the construction trade from his father, Charles, who supervises the building of every Duran home, and his paternal grandfather, Edward George, who began in the trade as a trim carpenter for J.E. Carter.

  • Naomi Duran

    Naomi Duran

    If you are wanting to build a custom home on your land for no money down, Naomi is who you want to talk to. She will walk you through getting approved for your loan, drawing plans to meet your needs and budget, picking out colors, and ordering appraisals. She will take you through every facet of the building process before we ever get started. We are truly a turn key operation where we handle all the work. When you sign a contract with us, the next thing you know you will be picking up the keys for your move-in ready home.

  • Charles and Rachel Duran

    Charles and Rachel Duran

    Better known as Pop and Momma D you will rarely ever see them. Instead they are constantly working in the background making sure the bills are paid, contraction loans are current, and the correct permits are acquired.

  • Josh Duran

    Josh Duran

    Josh Duran is a fourth generation home builder and while growing up his life centered around real estate. You have probably seen him on those wonderful television ads his parents still run for Duran Homes. Yep, that little boy saying “If Anybody Can, Duran Can” is Josh. He was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. His life experiences in and around the industry has given him the ability and knowledge to assist you in every area of real estate.  He is proud to have developed beneficial relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and a wide range of housing professionals. Whether it is selling, buying, property management, building, foreclosures, or short sales let him put his expertise to work for you.

  • Trish Culbertson

    Bonita Fortenberry

    When you call Duran Homes chances are Trish is who you will talk to first. She is Mrs. Do Everything and keeps us all straight around here. So go ahead, dial 601-922-4244, and hear “Duran Homes, this is Trish. How can we help you today!”

  • Jeanne Hulsman

    Katie Ishee

    Jeanne is our wonderful Property Manager. If you are needing a place to rent then she is who you need to talk to. Give Jeanne a call today for our most up to date list of available homes or to be placed on the waiting list for the area you are looking for.