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We recently sat down with Naomi Duran and asked her which question she gets asked the most from people wanting to buy a home. Not surprisingly it is “how much per square foot do you charge?” Like it or not everything is gauged on price per square foot these days. But that price is very relative, it doesn’t translate to what is actually in the home, the design features, and the quality of the finishes. Here what she has to say here:

Good news though, call and set up an appointment with Naomi… She can use your plans or design the perfect house for you from scratch and tell you exactly what it would cost to build your truly custom home.


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We have been a family owned and operated business since we opened our doors in 1980. Take a little time and meet some of the family and staff that will help you create the experience of moving into your very own home. And yes our kids have grown up just a little since the commercials.

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